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Thursday, October 6, 2011

No More Solid Food!

Saturday is the big day that I start my liver shrinking diet, a completely liquid diet which is also a rapid weightloss diet.  (I'll give the full scoop once I start)  So in preparation for that I decided that today and tomorrow I would practice going no food and put myself on a Boost diet.  I'm not cutting my calories or anything, just tring to get used to not eating so Saturday doesn't hit me like a ton of bricks.  So I started off ok this am at 6 with a high Protein Boost, then had another about 10:30, then at 11:00 I needed FOOD to chew and caved eating a large bowl of cereal, unfortunately the only cereal in the house was Nestle Quik. So not exactly a healthy choice.

So I'm full and haven't had anything else to eat and I should make it to supper before I need another Boost. I am trying to also get my 2L of water in.   This is easy enough as I have been drinking strictly water for a few years now.  For the surgery we were supposed to cut out carbonated drinks 2 months prior to the surgery but I'd pretty much given them up entirely except carbonated water since I like to drink the flavoured waters, since I can't stand plain old water.  I'll buy any brand of water as long as it contains 0 calories but the easiest to get around here is Nestle Pure Life which comes in Cherry Berry Splash and Watermelon Splash.  I love the Watermelon!  Harder to find around here except in the middle of the summer are Raspberry Lime (my all-time fav!), Lemon (kinda yuck) and Orange.

Then we are supposed to stay away from carbonated beverages for life because they cause gas.  We will have tiny stomachs and don't want to fill them up with gas, this will make us feel full (while giving no nutrition) and many people have complained that it is just plain uncomfortable.  For the same reason we have to give up straws for life as well, as they create gas in the stomach.  We want our tiny timmy's to be filled with nutritious food not gas!  This is no biggie for me.  The only thing I'll miss is being able to have a mixed drink at the ocassional social get together since my drink of choice is rye & dt. coke. Will have to find a new low-cal, non gassy mixed drink.

Maybe I'll have one Friday night to say good-bye to the old way of life.  Who'll raise a glass with me?  Cheers!