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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Small Update

                              Sept, 2012                                                                Dec, 2012

Just a short update to finish 2012 off with.  I went for my final visit to the clinic today and am not scheduled back for a routine check-up until I hit the 2-year post surgery date now.  I'm still under a surgeon's care though for the ulcer, have an endo. coming up in Jan. to see if it is gone and continue to take the meds in the meantime.  Of course I am to contact the clinic immediately if I have any problems or concerns and have been given some instructions for my dr. re: vitamins and regular bloodwork.  They have added B1 to my cocktail; she said to take a bottle's worth, 1 a day. Otherwise I'm fine.  Weight wise I'm holding my own, making slow, steady progress now.  I'm 100% happy with my size but will continue to work on my exercise which mainly consists of walking and playing Wii Fit and Just Dance on the Wii.

The above pictures show 3 months apart, and only 5 lbs apart.  I'm at 107 lbs total loss now.  BUT the pictures above show a 5" decrease in my waist and a 4" decrease in my hips.  The loss of the tummy bulge is very noticeable in the pictures.  I'm a definite size 12 now.  Sometimes I walk by a mirror or glass window and surprise myself with how slim I look; I don't recognize myself sometimes :=) 

For shock value lets do the before and after now:


September, 2011                                                          December, 2012

107 pounds lost
Merry Christmas!!