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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Before and Now Pictures

OK here goes!  The changes aren't huge in the photograph but if you study the two you'll see significant changes.  Mostly what one can see from the photos is that I now have better posture.  I can now stand up straight, my arms hang straight down to the sides, my butt doesn't stick out at the back. Look how my body was almost as wide as the door frame in the Before picture, while the Now pic. I'm considerably narrower.  Dh noticed the big change in the size of my arms.  In the Before picture I had to hold my head up so I didn't have a double chin, in the Now picture I can look straight ahead without a double chin showing up.  Next picture will come at 75lbs lost or thereabouts. I'm hoping for a bit of a waist by then :-)

              Before                                                                              Now

September 2011                                                                    53lbs lost - December 2011